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War of the Immortals Stardust Guide


After you have your gear set up, the gems put in and your ready to take the next steps in additional stats there are Starwords and Stardusts. Starwords can be imbued to all gear from helm to boots. (NONE FOR ACCESSORIES)


Some stardust can be retrieved from Winston (Atlantis 211, 145) with Gold Roans Other Starwords must be gotten from various bosses, for higher levels you may need a stronger party. (Bosses may be found in PVP areas)

Here are a few examples of what Starwords look like:

As you see, you need certain Stardust for each Starword to get it activated and activated means more Bonus. But first we have to start how to get the slots for the Stardust.

Stardust Slot:

  • To add in Stardusts, you must open the slots in the Starword.
  • Press "B" and open your bag, then press Portable Shop in the top right hand of your bag.


  • From there you will need to buy Stardust Insignia Wand, buy quite a few, since some slots will take more than 1 try.
  • Then you have to buy Stardust Insignia Wand


  • Go back to your bag and now press the "Quick Upgrade" button


  • From there go to the 4th tab under Gear, name Stardust
  • Choose the 2nd option, "Open Stardust Socket"


After all slots are opened, you are ready to embed the Stardusts into the desired gears. Keep in mind, the stardust must be embed in the same order as what the Starword requires. Once all the Stardusts are inserted, the Starword is now activated, and will give you additional stats.

Just so you know, Starwords need to be recharged. Obtaining Starword Rechargers will be required over time. Gaia chest and crafting will have these items.


Crafting Stardust needs the Craft Skill "Arms Production" and " Handicraft"

To begin you need to craft lv 1 Stardust this needs

  • 1x Sealed Stardust
  • 5x Crystal ( can be collected with Collector, which you can buy in your portable shop)

with the Collector you can go to the Foraging Grounds ( Atlantis 193.131 ) there you can Collect everything that you need except Starsoul Stones.

Materials Needed:

  • Crystal

Crystal for Craft.jpg

  • Quartz


  • Aquamarine

Quamarine for Craft.jpg

  • Starsoul Stone

StarSoul Stone for Stardust.jpg

-You can get these from Chief Monsters

  • Sealed Stardust


  • Celesoul Crystal

CelesoulsFrom Craft.jpg

-Crafted with Handicraft ( Refine Lv 20 )